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Creators of reliable, high-performing algorithms for real-world use cases.


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Ensure the success of multi-channel business projects with API management.


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Our Mission

We specialise in solving data problems.

The digital revolution has created a world that is more and more connected, bringing new opportunities to build on your existing skills.  Dats’up is ready to leverage your expertise in helping our clients get more from their data.



Our vision

Our team is ready to support across the whole spectrum of data services: Data Scientists, DevSecOps, API management, Cloud.

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Dats’up specialises in data services for a range of large European and international clients across sectors such as finance and banking and insurance.  Our 80 experts through Switzerland and France specialize in tailor-made data solutions.

Our company values are based on a respect for differing points of view, and open, frank and transparent relationships with our staff and our clients.

95% of our team started their careers in some of the most prestigious engineering schools (Supelec, Centrale, ENSIMAG, ENSTA, ENSEEIHT, INT, INSA, EFFREI, EPITA, EPSI, IIE, ESEO) and keep their skills current through the latest digital certifications.

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Our latest projects

To enable better communication between different business functions (SI, Data), the Dats’up team engaged using an Agile model to reinforce the client’s team with specialized skill (NLU, UX, back and front-end data).

Chatbot project

Enriching laboratory data (microscope imagery, IRM…) with extended metadata drawn from a variety of complimentary data sources (EBX, SQDB, documents). This work greatly enhanced the searchability of this varied and complex material.

Data Science Project

Dats’up stood up a new AWS-based suite of applications using IAS, Terraform and N4 incident support. A FinOps engagement model was used to align the work around the estimation and the reduction of costs with Python and PowerShell scripts for the AWS deployment.

DevOps Project

Standing up a big data analysis project for better insights into financial data to fight against money laundering and the financial support of criminal activities (including terrorism). The project passed through several phases including, SI enablement, alignment with business targets, piloting with customer’s teams and further development using a Scrum methodology.

Big Data Project

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