Our Services

Our team is ready to support you in all aspects of data analysis work: Data Scientists, DevSecOps, API Management & Cloud deployment

Data Science

Maximise the value of your data

The phrase “Big Data” is on everyone’s lips and no business can afford to miss the opportunity to leverage this new technology.  However, not all data is suitable for such an approach and all projects begin with a detailed analysis and, if appropriate, proposed project roadmap.

Our data scientists will work with your information to create reliable, high-preforming algorithms aligned with your business needs.  We support this approach with expertise in computer visioning, machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing and image processing.


Secure your business solutions

To ensure the highest level of security for your business-critical systems, a DevOps security approach must be integrated in all aspects of your applications.  This philosophy is at the heart of the DevSecOps approach.

Many advantages result from building in security in this manner, not least a holistic approach through all levels of a solution for an integrated security strategy including developing a security-minded culture within your teams.  When done correctly, DevSecOps brings automation of security processes to all business processes.


Integration with native cloud and hybrid models

Cloud Integration with native cloud and hybrid models Dats’up can provide various strategies for taking your business to native and hybrid cloud environments. We have expertise in integration and migration with cloud-hosted solutions. Our service integration approach also considers the best infrastructure options and evolution for your business applications. All cloud work is delivered with our DevOps methodology for a 360-degree approach.

Api Management

Mastering your service interface approach

The business world has moved increasingly to a digital service-oriented model and the number of calls to APIs increases each day.  An API Management solution is needed to understand and control this complexity.  Dats’up experts can help you formulate a coherent and secure strategy for where and how your data is exposed and the data you consume from others.

API Management is therefore a critical component now for any multi-channel business and an essential architecture for effective and efficient data exchange.  Dats’up expertise can guide you in the formulation of your strategy and build/in security and flexibility to your information exchange.